Inland Northwest Culinary Academy Quillisascut Education Fund Scholarship

The Inland Northwest Culinary Academy at Spokane Community College recently began transforming their culinary curriculum to include the philosophy and practices of sustainability. INCA Faculty are committed to bring healthy, local and regional foods to our menus. Whenever possible we purchase from producers who respectfully raise foods without harmful additives and care about the environment in which they work. We thank our farmers and producers for their hard work and commitment to raising beautiful, healthy foods.
We are blessed with their bounty.

QEF is offering $250 scholarships to fourth or fifth quarter students enrolled in the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy. For consideration, applicants must complete the workshop application, write an essay using the guidelines below, and submit one letter of recommendation.

Please use one or more of the following topics as guidelines for your essay (200 to 500 words):
What gets you excited about cooking?
Who has been your culinary inspiration?
Can you detail an ah-ha moment in your relationship to food, cooking, or your career in the culinary arts?

Also, take a moment to detail:
What are your long-term culinary goals?
Include one letter of recommendation from a food professional or instructor with whom you have worked.

We prefer you submit your application by using the online application:

On-line Scholarship Application